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Team Coaching

PEP Team Coaching is designed to develop high-performing agile teams. PEP Team Coaching is based on our Collaborative Achievement Relationship model and is and is aligned with our partner, StrategicIsite's (www.strategicisite.com) "pliable adaptability" model for creating agile organizations and teams.

PEP Team Coaching focuses on

  • Defining/refining a shared vision, purpose and expected outcomes
  • Establishing team goals and accountability
  • Keeping your team motivated and on track
  • Team Governance Framework
  • Individal Coaching
  • Establishing a Performance Management Model

PEP Team Coaching is an excellent tool for new project or department teams; teams with new leadership, or teams that require realignment or transformation.

PEP Team Coaching simultaneously develops individual and group talent by inspiring and instructing team members to step outside of their comfort zone and stretch their abilities.

PEP coaches bring experience, knowledge, and objectivity allowing them to provide new ideas for elevating team performance, facilitate collective learning.

Agile Teams are strategic, empowered, self-led, collaborative, innovative, willing to experiment and fail. Developing agile teams requires integrated training that involves more than typical team coaching. PEP Team Coaching leverages knowledge and resources from our I M partners to uniquely develop high-performing, highly-motivated, agile teams. Our portfolio and network of resources makes us the best coaches available.

Teams are formed not to just achieve more but to win. Our coaches are committed to winning.