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Darin C. Wright - I M Your Coach

My Coaching Philosophy & Approach

Mind and heart are the foundation of growth and are the core focus of my approach to coaching. My objective is to assist my clients with developing and aligning their mindset and passion with their desired goals and objectives. To achieve long-lasting results one's head and heart must be aligned with their journey.

Why is this important? While the focus for coaching is "results", I want to ensure my client is focusing on the results for the right destination.

I lead my clients with moving forward in various areas of the personal, professional, and business growth. My approach is to assist my client with clarifying their vision, establishing their goals, and working with them to achieve the goals. I lead my clients to gain a greater awareness about theirs BETS (beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and stories) so they may understand what may be preventing them from breakthrough and growth.

I believe in the "whole-person" approach to growth. My coaching philosophy is rooted in the mind-body-spirit connection so I encourage my clients to focus on their health & wellness even if I am not directly coaching them in that discipline, as having ample energy is vital to goal accomplishment. The same applies with developing the mental resiliency to navigate any setbacks.

I integrate my years of experience in growth and development from being a corporate consultant, corporate trainer, college instructor, and entrepreneur/business owner with my coaching profession. This blend of experience is augmented by being the founder of I M Possible Mall (I M) which is committed to personal, professional, and organizational development.

I serve in the following coaching roles:

  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Transformation Coach
  • Entrepreneur Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
  • Spiritual & Metaphysical Coach

I provide one-on-one coaching for individuals and organizations, and group coaching for organizations. I also provide consulting, instructor, and speaker services. You can reach me at dwright@proexecprogram.com

Darin's Life Story Working on Human Potential

Darin’s interest in the human brain, body, and potential began at 17 when he was selected to participate program that granted him the opportunity to work for a prominent pharmaceutical company as an assistant laboratory technician. Under the tutelage of two scientists and a lab technician, Darin worked on a project that studied the effects of variations of a popular drug on brain neurotransmitters and synapses. Though his interests at that time were leaning toward medical school, Darin opted to attend the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) which did not have a pre-med program but it did focus on human potential and leadership with a "whole-person" concept to development.

One summer at USNA, Darin was invited to visit Success Motivation Institute (SMI) located in Waco, Texas. SMI has since become Leadership Management International (LMI). SMI contacted Darin after he requested a book from SMI. Based on Darin being a Midshipman at USNA, a foremost leadership school in the world, he was asked to become a north eastern distributor of SMI’s personal development products. He chose not to accept the offer due to his need to focus on his studies but he did purchase SMI’s goal-setting products which he still has today many decades later.

Darin’s passion for understanding human potential continued to grow over the years inspiring him to read more books, and listen to many audiotapes and CDs from prominent leaders, speakers, and coaches in the industry. He ultimately opened a retail store, Field of Dreams (FOD) that solely focused on personal and professional development products. He co-hosted 3 personal development radio programs and wrote a motivational column for a local newspaper.

FOD closed but was resurrected as an online entity. Darin then stepped up his entrepreneurial game and expanded the FOD concept and began building I M Possible Mall (I M) which is a larger version of FOD and comprised of multiple businesses and brands that provide personal, professional, and organizational development resources. I M businesses provides services from coaching to talent management to executive strategic leadership training, relevant business and technology courses, etc. I M serves as a single integrated source growth and educational services and products for individuals and organizations. The vision is to be the world's largest provider of personal, professional, and organizational growth and development services and products. FOD remains the flagship entity in the I M enterprise and serves as the provider of health, wellness, growth, motivational and inspirationl products.

During the pandemic Darin became a certified Professional Life Coach, Diet & Nutrition Coach, and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. He has completed courses in health, wellness, food, nutrition, and healthcare. As a principal of MD Health Care Management Solutions, he became a member of the Stanford University Medicine - Physician Leadership Virtual Journal Club where he attends monthly educational sessions with heathcare professionals.

He is the creator of the I M Well Holistic Health & Wellness (I M WELL) platform which officially launched in 2021. I M WELL began as simple health challenges amongst friends and continuously evolved and expanded. I M WELL's missions is to encourage, educate, and empower individuals to become active participants in and ultimately owning their health and wellness. In addition to I M WELL serving as a platform for individuals, Darin's vision for I M WELL includes delivering health and wellness programs to organizations to elevate the health and wellness of employees and members; and to work with healthcare providers providers to incorporate health and wellness into their delivery of care. He recently launch the I M Your Coach as an extension of his coaching business to complement the I M WELL platform.

Darin has spent his entire career uplifting individuals and organizations. He has provided coaching services to individuals and groups (employees). Darin may be one of few individuals with coaching, entrepreneurial, consulting, college teaching, and corporate training experience. His broad and diverse education and experience in the area of personal, professional, and organizational development makes him an exceptional instructor, consultant, and coach.

His commitment to making a difference includes community development, social justice, and protecting the environment. Darin expanded the I M portfolio to include the non-profit, I M University (I M U) which is responsible for establishing corporate social responsibility protocols for social, economic, and environmental sustainability . During the summer of 2020, Darin completed The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training to become a member of The Climate Reality Project (V.P. Al Gore) global network of environmental activists who work on climate change solutions across every sector of society. Being a member of The Climate Reality Project allows Darin to finally put his college education in physical science and oceanography to use! Better late than never.

Coaching & Health & Wellness Credentials
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Diet & Nutrition Coach (Internationally Accredited)
Food & Nutrition Certificate (Stanford University School of Medicine)
Certified Successful Goal-Setting Coach
Learning Coach (Technology Productivity Tools)
Transformational Coach (Currently in training)
Vegan Nutrition Health Coach (Currently in training)
Cook Real Food - Plant-Based Meals (Currently in training

Darin's approach to health and wellness provided by I M WELL and I M YOUR COACH are based on personalized health and wellness. His approach is to focus on overall holistic health and wellness which begins with establishing a health and wellness mindset. The goal is to have his clients adopt a health and wellness lifestyle where their health and wellness activities become non-negotiable. Clients are required to attend I M WELL's educational sessions to gain an understanding of food, nutrition, and the human body. He utilizes a similar model for other areas of coaching. He believes encouragement and education are the foundation for developing the mindset for starting any new journey.

His approach to nutrition is based on the recommendations provided by prominent doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists who endorse whole food plant-based nutrition. He does not require his clients to adopt a 100% whole food plant-based plan but he does encourage them to reduce their meat and dairy consumption and increase their intake of whole plant-based foods. Whole food plant-based nutrition is the core of a health and wellness lifestyle.

Darin can be reached at dwright@proexecprogram.com.

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