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Darin C. Wright - I M YOUR COACH

A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change a life. John Wooden

I am a multi-dimensional comprehensive coach (MDCC) with passion and intensity to bring value to people's lives and organizations. Because of my own successes, challenges, and failures provides me a deep understanding to connect with clients who are high-performers or live with self-doubt. I can relate to the emotions and frustrations of entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, or someone just dealing with life challenges or wanting that breakthrough.

What does MDCC mean? As a MDCC I am able to serve you in multiple areas of your life, personal, professional development; entrepreneurial development; and most importantly your health and wellness. If you are a leader within an organization or an entrepeneur, I am also experienced in organizational transformation.

In addition to my multiple coaching certifications, I bring over 30 years experience in the personal, professional, and organizational development; serving as a corporate consultant, corporate trainer, college instructor, and entrepreneur. As founder of the I M Possible Mall enteprise, I have access to a plethora of development and growth resources to meet your specific needs. This combination of experiences along with the access to the depth and breadth of resources defines me as a MDCC and makes me unique in this profession.

I have been leading others in their growth and development my entire career. So I am not only a coach, I am a professional who has created an entire enterprise committed to transforming lives through education, experiences, and exposure. This is why I M YOUR COACH!

As part of the I M network and Professional Executive Program of coaches, I adhere to their models of growth and development. I bring to my clients a set of skills and knowledge in behavioral change, goal-setting, and specific subject matter expertise.

My Coaching Credentials

  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Successful Goal Setting Coach
  • Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Food & Nutrition Certificate (Stanford University School of Medicine)
  • Experienced Entrepreneur and Business Coach
  • Learning Coach
  • Transformational Coach (Currently in training)
  • Vegan Nutrition Health Coach (Currently in training)
  • Cook Real Food - Plant-Based Meals (Currently in training

As Your Health and Wellness Coach
As your health and wellness coach, I focus on long-term health and wellness that is achieved using a personalized, holistic, comprehensive, science-backed approach to achieving optimal health. I begin by guiding you to develop a health and wellness mindset that will lead you to adopt a healthy lifestyle whereby you make healthier choices. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, your health and wellness activities become non-negotiable. Inhaling second hand smoke is non-negotiable for most people. You can have similar boundaries when it comes to your food choices when you have a health and wellness mindset and a non-negotiable healthy lifestyle. You are in control of your health!

I partner with you to enhance your well-being and to lead a self-directed, proactive, healthier lifestyle that produces lasting results. I encourage you to focus on wellness not weight; to ditch the diets, collapse the calorie counting; and to become free from restricted eating. My goal is to have you develop a holistic health and wellness mindset that leads you to having a healthy relationship with food that is based on "wholism" principles.

My role as your coach is to facilitate your goals and vision to actualize a healthier version of yourself. I do this mostly by holding you accountable to yourself to execute the plan and achieve the goals that you and I have established and agreed upon. I want you to establish a lifestyle and dietary practices that foster your sustained health. I bring a non-judgmental, empathetic, and compassionate perspective; along with knowledge and passion in health and wellness to assist you with achieving your health and wellness goals.

Here are some of my methods to encourage, educate, engage, and empower you:

  • I assist you in determing your "why" for your desired health change
  • I encourage you to stay on track
  • I educate you in various aspects of health and wellness to empower you to make effective decisions related to your health
  • I share information from reputable sources in condensed format for quick knowledge absorption
  • I encourage and empower you to own your health and wellness
  • I work with you to identify and resolve challenges that hinder your ability to change
  • I provide you support and accountability
  • I assist you in gaining clarity of the abundance of health information
  • I provide you guidance on selecting food choices and shopping
  • I provide you information on health including healthy recipes
  • I can partner with your healthcare professional(s) to develop an integrated approach for your health
  • I use a persnoalized graduated approach to health and wellness that is based on where you are (health wise) and what you want to achieve
  • I recommend health and wellness books and articles as part of the educational process
  • I offer in-person (when possible), virtual, telephone, email, and texting forms of engagement and communication based on your coaching agreement

My framework for holistic health and wellness is based on the I M WELL 10 Pillars of Health and Wellness. My approach to nutrition is based on the recommendations from prominent doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists who endorse whole food plant-based (WFPB) nutrition. I do not require you to adopt a 100% whole food plant-based nutritional plan but I do encourage you and will work with you to reduce your meat and dairy consumption and increase your intake of whole plant-based foods. There is plenty of scientific evidence that proves that WFPB nutrition promotes good health, prevents chronic illnesses and in some instances reverse them. WFPB nutrition is the core of a health and wellness lifestyle.

I believe that one should choose food and lifestyle as their primary tools to optimize their health, energy, and weight management. My objective is to educate and empower you on how that is possible by sharing my knowledge about food, nutrition, cooking techniques, and overall health and wellness. My learning also includes understanding of gut, brain, and heart health, While I promote nutrition and lifestyle as means for achieving optimal health, I do not make any recommendations that should be interpreted as medical advice and I do not serve as your replacement for a trained medical professional. In my role as your health and wellness coach I can support and partner with your medical team to develop an integrative approach for your health and wellness. My desire is to encourage, educate, engage, and empower you to make the necessary behavioral changes to maximize your overall health and wellness and to have more life in your life!

I encourage my clients to locally source their foods as often as possible which simply means purchasing your foods from local farmer's markets, participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) effort, or visiting local farms to pick your own produce. These activities develop a healthy relationship with your food as well as being community and social activities and excellent outings for children. Locally sourcing your foods is also environmentally friendly which is vital to holistic health and wellness. This is why I M YOUR COACH!

I am the creator of the I M Well Holistic Health & Wellness (I M WELL) platform which officially launched in 2021 with the mission to encourage, educate, and empower individuals to become active participants in and ultimately own their health and wellness. One of the objectives is to improve the health literacy and raise the healthIQ of those who utilize the platform and for communities as a whole. Inadequate health literacy is a major hindrance to experiencing optimal health and wellness in many communities.

In addition to I M WELL serving as a platform for individuals, My vision for I M WELL is to deliver health and wellness programs to organizations to elevate the health and wellness of their employees/members; and to work with healthcare providers to incorporate health and wellness as a component of their delivery of care. I M Your Coach is a recent extension to the I M WELL platform and part of the Professional Executive Program suite of profesional coaching services.

I offer one-on-one and group coaching packages; free and fee-based virtual workshops; and I am available to speak to community organizations about the fundamentals of establishing a health and wellness lifestyle.

My passion and commitment to making a difference extends beyond health and wellness. I am also committed to community development, social justice, and protecting the environment which is why expanded the I M portfolio to include the non-profit, I M University (I M U) which is responsible for establishing corporate social responsibility protocols for social, economic, and environmental sustainability. During the summer of 2020, I completed The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training to become a member of The Climate Reality Project (V.P. Al Gore) global network of environmental activists who work on climate change solutions across every sector of society. I M U is also responsible for our community development initiatives.

For more information or questions about my health and wellness model or coaching fees for individual or group coaching email me at dwright@proexecprogram.com.

To learn more about my consulting, instructor, and entrepreneur background read my Executive Bio..